Our ETF models are being used by individual investors, financial advisors, 401(K) plans, and charitable endowments in order to take advantage of their low cost, broad diversification and tax efficiency benefits. As you tour our website you will fund our models to be flexible, dynamic, and easily adapted to your investment needs. I invite you to contact me to discuss your individual investments and how our ETF Model Solutions® can improve your portfolio.

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Evolution of the Investing Landscape

First, there were only individual Stocks and Bonds which required one to be a Securities Picker.

Next came two-dimensional Mutual Funds that combined Stocks and Bonds in Actively Managed Strategies, requiring one to be a Mutual Fund Picker.

Low-cost ETFs were created to mirror broad-based indexes, providing Passive exposures to additional Asset Classes, requiring one to be an Asset Class and/or ETF Picker.

Third Party Strategists blended ETFs evolved to formulate diversified Asset Allocated Models.

Finally, ETF Model Solutions™ has created 3-D Asset Allocated Models that mirror the Endowment Investment Philosophy and open the door to better risk-adjusted returns.