Advisors and Plan sponsors: If your record keeper partners with Mid Atlantic, our models can easily be added as investment options for your Plan in the form of a unitized fund. Mid Atlantic Trust Company’s ModelxChange platform provides for the seamless integration of our ETF investment strategies into 401k Plans. Paychex, Ascensus, Aspire are just a few of the many record keepers with an existing relationship with Mid Atlantic Capital Group. See full MATC’s List of Record Keeper Partners. To obtain fact sheets or research our models navigate to Research>Public ModelxChange Research page on MATC’s site. Or, request information about the Endowment Target Risk ETF Models, using the sign up box below. Enter your email address, a dialog box will validate your email, then click “Continue” and submit the rest of your information to complete your request.

Contact: Tim Landolt, Managing Director, 920.785.6012


Why Plan Sponsors should add the Endowment Target Risk Models to their Plan.

1. Utilizes the Endowment Investment Philosophy: The models use the Endowment Investment Philosophy which integrates a third major asset class (Alternatives/Risk Managed) with a historical two-dimensional Global Equity and Global Fixed Income portfolio seeking to deliver improved risk-adjusted returns while reducing overall portfolio volatility to help clients and plan participants remain committed to their long term investment goals and create sustainable wealth

2. Expanded Global Diversification: The models provide a 3-dimensional allocation through 20+ ETF indices comprised of over 40,000+ individual securities

3. Lowers the Cost of Investing: The models utilize ETFs and a strategic allocation investment approach that minimizes trading activity in an effort to reduce overall investment costs relative to actively managed mutual funds.

4. Reduced Interest Rate Risk Exposure: The models may reduce interest rate risk when compared to portfolios with greater bond allocations. After a 30+ year secular bull market in core bonds, portfolios with higher bond allocations, such as many “target date”,“60-40”, and balanced funds, may be over-allocated to core fixed income, leaving participant portfolios vulnerable to significant future interest rate risk in rising interest rate environments.

5. Hedge Inflation Risk: By incorporating real assets, such as real estate, precious metals, commodities, infrastructure and other real assets into the portfolio, the models to seek to protect the purchasing power of participants’ savings.

6. Improve Participant Satisfaction: The models enable participants to make a single investment selection designed to address a broad range of retirement goals and investor concerns. Many retirement plans include too many specialized investment choices and expect participants to understand how to build their own portfolio. An improved understanding of their investment choice can help increase participants’ long-term satisfaction with the Plan.

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