Endowment Investment Philosophy®

The Endowment Investment Philosophy builds portfolios using an asset allocation methodology pursued by major universities like Yale and Harvard because it offers the potential for superior risk-adjusted returns and lower volatility for portfolios with long-term investment horizons. This investment philosophy expands the number of asset classes and strategies used to create a portfolio beyond stocks and bonds by including alternative investments such as hedge funds, private equity, and real assets in addition to traditional stocks and bonds in a global framework.




You Can Implement the Endowment Investment Philosophy as a:

The investments below are not invested in the Endowment Index®; you cannot  invest directly in the Endowment Index. Indexes do not have fees.  Investments are not guaranteed, not bank insured and may lose value.  Investing involves risk, including possible loss of principal. Investors should assess for themselves their objectives, fees, and the risks involved before making any investment decision.

  • Foundation/Endowment/Family Office:
    ETF Model Solutions® can provide your Foundation, Endowment or Family Office with an Endowment Index-based passive, liquid Endowment solution.  ETF Model Solutions can also construct an active strategy based upon the Endowment Index.  Please call Prateek Mehrotra, Chief Investment Officer, MBA, CFA, CAIA, at (920) 785-6010 to learn about how you can reduce your management costs through our outsourced CIO services. Please sign-up below to receive the Endowment Index fact sheet and periodic updates.


  •  401(K) Plan Sponsor/Adviser:
    Plan Sponsors/Advisers can now access the Endowment Investment Philosophy through the Endowment Multi Asset Target Risk models models that can be included as unitized investment options within a 401(k) Plan.  These globally diversified, risk models may serves as an alternative to a traditional balanced or target date funds.  Please call Tim Landolt, Managing Director, MBA, at (920) 785 – 6012 to learn how you could add Endowment Target Risk Models to your 401(K) investment lineup.


  • Investment Adviser:
    Investment Advisers can now implement the Endowment Investment Philosophy in a core satellite framework by using the Endowment Index  in the core and adding our ETF based TAMP/SMA models as satellites. Please call Tim Landolt, Managing Director, MBA, at (920) 785 – 6012 to learn how to implement the Endowment Investment Philosophy in your client portfolios. Learn more about our 7 ETF Based Models.


  • Individual Client:
    Individual investors can invest in models created from the underlying ETF components of the Endowment Index.  Visit www.MyRoboAdviser.com or  call Tim Landolt, Managing Director at (920) 785 – 6010 to learn more.


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      *Refers to underlying components. Reported index results do not have fees and expenses. You typically cannot invest directly into an index.