We are a third-party strategist that builds ETF-based model solutions for our clients.  We embrace the Endowment Investment Philosophy®– that alternative investments can play an important role in portfolio construction.

We created the Endowment Index® calculated by Nasdaq OMX® to provide foundations, endowments, institutions and advisors that build three-dimensional investment portfolios that contain alternative investments with an objective, rules-based benchmark.  Beyond merely index construction, we also utilize our expertise to create both passive and active Endowment Index® portfolio solutions that are entirely liquid.

Beyond the indexing solution, we construct Endowment building-block core and broad-based asset allocation models.  This allows our clients who wish to maintain control of the overall asset allocation process to utilize some or all of our component building blocks to construct the portfolio within their asset allocation framework.

For our building-block and “active-passive” portfolios, we differentiate our ETF models from the ground up by utilizing a core-satellite approach for portfolio construction. This approach not only allows for a reduction in overall investment costs but also increases the potential for improved risk-adjusted returns.

We know that Asset Allocation drives over 90% of a portfolio’s return over the longer term, with Security Selection and  Market Timing accounting for the balance. History shows us that most active money managers cannot beat their benchmarks over the long term. Therefore, using passive indices through ETFs to gain exposure to broad asset classes for a major portion of the portfolio makes good economic sense.

The models that we build are available to 401(k) plans, by other Investment Advisors within their practice, Family Offices, Endowments, Foundations, Trusts, and Individual Investors.

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