iStock_000029192880SmallAs an ETF strategist, our goal is to help financial advisers, institutions, endowments, and retirement plans improve their investment results.  We are on forefront of creating passive and active-passive portfolio management solutions within the context of the Endowment Investment Philosophy®. ETF Model Solutions®  Endowment Building Block Asset-Class Models provide asset categories of investment models for advisers to construct and Endowment-based investment portfolio tailored to the needs of their individual clients in UMA/SMA accounts.

Endowment Building-Block Asset-Class Models

Our flexible framework of 7 ETF based model solutions promote diversification among broad asset classes. Their modular design facilitates the implementation of the Endowment Investment Philosophy allowing for the asset allocation to be weighted according to the adviser’s market viewpoint or client risk-based needs. The modular design also permits the individual models to be implemented within a client’s existing portfolio on an as-needed basis.

Our 7 ETF based model solutions that provide exposure to three broad asset classes: Global Equity, Global Income (Short Duration Fixed Income, Global Fixed Income and Global Multi-Asset Income) and Risk Managed/Liquid Alternatives (Hedge Funds, Real Assets and Private Equity). Each of these Models have been built using a core-satellite approach with market cap weighted indices as the core and alternative weighted indices used as satellites.

Global Equity ETF Model

Short Duration Fixed Income ETF Model

Global Fixed Income ETF Model

Global Multi-Asset Income ETF Model

Hedge Fund of Funds Model

Private Equity ETF Model

Real Asset/Inflation Protection ETF Model

The 7 Building-Block Models are available to investment advisers through Mid Atlantic’s ModelxChange Platform.  If you do not see our models available on your TAMP, give us a call and we are willing to make them available upon request.  We can also license the models directly to advisers that want to implement them through an “Adviser as Portfolio Manager” approach.  If you would like to learn how adding liquid alternative investments and our managed ETF solutions can be added to your client portfolios, contact ETF Model Solutions for an introductory conversation.

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